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Building A Brand-Focused Culture

The words “brand” and “culture” are two of the most powerful in the English language.  Especially when combined. A Harvard study revealed that organizations with a strong culture have a 756% net income advantage over those that don’t! And companies like Apple and Coca-Cola have shown us the unbelievable value a strong brand can add to your bottom line.

In this program, you’ll get the best of both worlds, learning how to build a brand-focused culture using our proprietary Define/Align/Refine process.

The Brand-Focused Leader

Leadership is not just needed, its necessary. But what is leadership exactly?

In this program you’ll learn what a leader is (and maybe more importantly what a leader isn’t) in the context of a brand-focused culture.

We’ll set the context and talk about concepts, but the focus will be on understanding the leader’s role and the brand-focused leadership activities that create the environment necessary for healthy growth.