Topics To Help You Grow As A Leader

Each can be conducted as a KEYNOTE, a WORKSHOP,
or as the framework for a GROUP MENTORING SESSION.

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Leading A Brand-Focused Culture

The words “leader,” “brand” and “culture” are three of the most powerful in the English language.  Especially when combined. A Harvard study revealed that organizations with a strong culture have a 756% net income advantage over those that don’t! And companies like Apple and Coca-Cola have shown us the unbelievable value a strong brand can add to your bottom line. Of course, without good leaders you’ll never realize the potential of either your culture or your brand.

The Power of Problems

Problems get a bad rep. We avoid them. We complain about them. But we all have them. In many ways, problems are the fabric of our world.

In this signature program, using some powerful stories and our Define/Align/Refine process you’ll learn why problems are your best friends and how, with a little change in perspective, we all can take some specific steps to harness the power of problems to learn, grow and become more than we ever thought possible.

The Trust Equation

Trust is more than a feeling.  It’s the foundation of a successful organization. Trust determines how conflict is handled, the level of commitment and accountability, as well as whether the focus is more on achieving group or self-oriented goals.

Learn the four elements of trust and how they fit into the trust equation. Then learn how to apply the trust equation to better engage your team, deepen client relationships and attract better clients.

Decoding People

People are messy things. But these messy things determine whether our organizations grow, stagnate or fail.

Learning to decode people will help you become more self-aware, understanding yourself and others better so you can build quality relationships, become a better leader and effectively communicate.

Discover Your Design

Getting clarity about who you are and what you want is essential to doing and being your best.

In this program you’ll take a journey deep inside yourself to gain insights into your core motivations, abilities, experiences and personality. Then we’ll help you put it all together so you can clearly see where you fit best at work, in service and in any other aspect of life.