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Charles was recently interviewed on the Change Management Executive podcast. Happy Listening!

Do you struggle with your culture?

  • Is your team on the same page?

  • Is leadership more a "title" than an "activity"?

  • Is your "brand" clear to everyone?

  • Are things going well, but something doesn’t "feel right"?

  • Are good people leaving and marginal people staying?

  • Are gossip, conflict avoidance, boredom and defensiveness running rampant?

  • Have things that worked in the past, stopped working or aren’t working as well as they once did?

Charles is an expert at aligning the internal organization brand with the marketplace. I love the fact that he works 60 hours a week, and still has read everything in sight, stay up to date with social networks, and raise a family. This guy is a powerhouse of knowledge, organization and expertise. I highly recommend Charles to align your internal organization with your marketplace.

Joshua D. McGilliard Vice President of Business Development at Kissito Healthcare, Inc.

I was intrigued with Charles’ expertise in the branding/marketing industry. We quickly realized he had the skill set to help us look at ourselves strategically while understand the inter-workings of the agency. Great investment on so many levels. Charles has helped us understand ourselves better as leaders in the organization and how to grow and thrive in the current marketplace.

Susan QuinnPresident & CEO, circle S studio

Charles came alongside a diverse group of professionals and masterfully helped us identify a core group of organizational values. His ability to promote an open environment for discussion and analysis of ideas was instrumental in our success.

Kathleen HolmesHolmes Costin & Marcus, PLLC

Charles Collie’s professionalism and knowledge of his craft made him the perfect consultant for the Wilson Leadership Center’s marketing and branding project. Organizations that are looking to maximize their potential would be well served to engage Charles and his firm.

David Marion Director of Public Service Program, Wilson Center for Leadership, Hampden-Sydney College

When working with Charles, your mind dilates and suddenly you can see and think clearly about your business. He has helped many of my clients and colleagues become successful.  As a speaker, Charles charges up the audience, gets the wheels turning and inspires conversations.

Mark Campanale Vice President of Marketing at Bridgewater Credit Union

Charles is dynamic, motivated, hard-working, and results-oriented. No matter what the task, the results will be excellent, which is inherent of Charles’ personality. I only wish this world had more people like him.

Lore DeAstra, MBA, MRICS, SRA, CDEIDirector - Real Estate Services, Continental Appraisal